Some Course Titles and Recent Syllabi:

American Media in Comparison,

The American Western,

Case Studies in Transnational Media,

Cinema and Culture,

Communication Technology and Civilization,

Communication Technologies in History (2007; see also Fall 2009),

Core Concepts in Communication Studies (2007; see also Fall 2010),

Figuring the Self Seminar,

German and Canadian Media Theory,

Global Media Culture,

Introduction to Humanities

Listening with Ears and Machines (see also Fall 2009),

Mass Media and Mass Society,

Mass Media and American Democracy,

Mass Communication Theories,

Cultural Approaches to Mass Communication,

History of American Mass Communication Research,

Key Works in Mass Communication Research,

Media and Cultural Production,

Media and Conversation,

Media and Modernity,

Media and Society,

(Methods) Introduction to Teaching and Research,

Historical Critical Methods (Annenberg Summer Institute),

Philosophy of Media,

The Public Sphere (Spring 2009) (also Fall 2006),


Sound and Voice,